Raheela Zarmeem

Assistant Manager

National Women Senior Team

Women Football: Reforming Cultural Barriers in Pakistan

Pakistan is currently facing many challenges but the nation is determined to fight back all kinds of evils from the country. It might be the terrorism which is mindless obstacle, to kill the beautiful flower like kids and not pare women either or the evil practices like corruption and kickback. Every society is formed with so many ideologies, and you have to work hard to show a new thing or to build a niche for your works. Same thing is happening with Women Football Development in Pakistan. Our girls have proved to be not less in motivation and energy if we see many fields of sports as the test case!! There was a time when female sports teams were not encouraged or supported by governments. The change in perceptions, due to social pressures that is caused with rising Electronic and Social Media trends has created a new level of awareness. Now we see girls are actively participating in different sports activities. They are not restrained to their colleges and universities but women football and cricket teams have visited SAARC countries and Iran as representation of how freely the women of Pakistan are indulging in different sectors.

Women Football in Pakistan is flourishing with the development and support to form a proper team. The slow but gradual recognition process has taken a fast pace now, and these young girls in football game, with a passion to lighten the name of Pakistan, at different sports events held in Pakistan or at international levels is rising high. We have seen that Pakistan Women Football Federation Committee (PPFWOC) has taken positive and drastic steps to improve and encourage more girls to get into this game.

The emerging talent is quite active in its presence over Social Media and takes part in all kinds of sports galas that are held here. Only a decade ago football was not seen anywhere despite being the second most popular game in Pakistan. People of Gilgit Baltistan and Baluchistan love to play football. But the cultural restraints are quite higher to encourage women from these areas, to be active in sports activities and especially focusing on women football!

The tremendous struggle to revive the cultural and sports activities by both governments and no-government stake holders will definitely cause a revival of healthy activities. When both men and women are actively engaged in healthy activities then the depression and anxiety level will also reduce. People will be encouraged to find more spaces in their lives which will eventually result in flexibility and dynamic views about life and everything around!

Making a shorter turn to success might be easy but not long lasting, and whoever is interested in women football development in Pakistan, to an International level needs to work from grass root level. To start with schools and giving a direction to little girls for engaging themselves in such a healthy sport that is leading the world. But unfortunately football has always been taken for granted here. It is time for change and creation of a situation where everyone can find some scope in life, and it also means an emergence of tolerance and reduction in fear and stress level of the whole nation as well. So the sports and cultural activities need to be promoted with a rapid desire to regain peace and prosperity in the country!!

Fahad Ayaz Khan

Manager Marketing and Integrity

Pakistan Football Federation

Football Development is all about the thought process

A man is what his mind is. His thoughts transformed into practical, observable and measurable outcomes defines his personality , his thought process, what he stands for and basically all amalgamated into one is what defines him. Similar is the definition of Football Development. The foundation, aesthetic sense and level of “Football Development” are the practical, observable and measurable outcomes of the brains behind the game. The governing bodies around the globe in their relevant countries are constituted of those people whose mindset, thought process, newness of their ideas, finesse in their implementation, hunger for innovation and their dreams transform into level and intensity of football development. So if we had to make a deduction for what “Football Development” is,in the most simplistic way to make it easily understandable for a layman, it would be:

Football Development is directly proportional to the cumulative thought process of the people that constitute the governing bodies

When it comes to development of a certain product/service whether it be anything, one should let their mind lose and let it go as far it can. Some would argue its risks and there certainly are some but to achieve big you got to go big and when it comes to developing a sport like football, it is all about streamlining the support that already exists for that sport and to creating new support through engaging the larger market by keeping the attraction levels high. And to keep its popularity increasing there has to be a surge of new ideas brought to life through their implementation all the time and tapping & creating needs of a larger market. To do this the governing body would have to create a team which has the capacity to stretch their thought process to the highest level of strategic thinking, they should be proactive, hungry for more and above all have basic grooming and understanding of how to go about dealing with different situations and lastly have the skill to implement ideas with absolute finesse. Once any governing body has this setup in place, there would be no limits to the development of football in that country. Since their minds have no boundaries so does the levels of development.


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    There are better skills of football in Pakistan but problem is no one pays attention to discover them.

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      There are better skills of football in Pakistan but problem is no one pays attention to discover them.

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